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Bugstrap Bed Bugs Traps 4 Pack (Black & White) by Bugstrap

  • EXTERMINATE BED BUGS ONCE & FOR ALL: Get rid of all those pesky and disgusting creatures with the ultimate bed bug trap pack of 4 which comes in 2 colors, black and white. Find that peace of mind you truly deserve and enjoy your house like never before!
  •  DURABLE ABS BUG PITFALL INTERCEPTOR TRAP: All of our traps are made from durable and reinforced ABS that will securely trap all of the crawling bugs around. No more traps that simply don’t work or get easily broken!
  • THERE IS NO ESCAPING FROM THIS BUG TRAP: Thanks to their deep construction and flat bottom, you may rest assured that there is no bed bug escaping from our traps. Once they fall into the trap, there is no way out!
  •  HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION INSECT DETECTION MONITOR: Bugstrap bed bug traps are extremely easy to use and adjust. Simply place them under the legs of beds or upholstered furniture and eliminate pathways for bed bugs right away.
  • ECO FRIENDLY BED BUG KILLER & BONUS EBOOK: Our beg bug interceptors need no talc or powder to work and are completely chemical and additive free. They come with a bonus eBook “Bed Bug Killer Guide” for extra tips and instructions.